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Saturday 11th, Jul 2015

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A Small Company with Big Ideas

  • With us, you get the personal touch plus continuity of contact, backed by over twenty years' experience making award-winning films for business. Whether its training and comms films for internal use, or web films such as corporate promos, case studies or client testimonials, we will provide a cost-effective, pragmatic and creative approach.
  • Barford have also filmed hundreds of corporate conferences, exhibitions and away-days to produce captivating highlights films - to ensure the investment in these occasions lives on beyond the event itself.
  • Almost anybody can make films for businesses these days and upload them to YouTube or a website - but getting them to really work for you and your company takes skill, experience, imagination and a dedicated team of specialists - all of which we have in abundance!
  • We will deliver forthright advice and ballpark budgets for any potential video production within a few hours of asking. All you have to do is call or email - even if you only have the most basic of ideas!
  • We believe that if a film is fun to make, it is fun to watch.

Our Work: Our Promise

  • To produce corporate videos and web films that meet our client's needs, not ours!
  • To be cost-effective - as a small business we have small overheads - a benefit that can be passed on directly to our clients.
  • To recognise the communications power of employees, both senior and junior, to be spokespeople for your company - and we are expert at getting the best out of them.
  • To deliver creative continuity - we have an in-house director who is involved from initial briefing through to final delivery of the project.
  • To allow you as a client to be as involved in the process as you wish - from totally hands-on to very hands-off - we are more than happy to manage all stages of the production process.
  • To be efficient and low key - we are experienced at filming busy and often sensitive environments and always minimise disruption.
  • To be engaging - with clients, crews and contributors - because we believe that if a film is fun to make, it is fun to watch.

Why Choose Video?

  • People prefer to watch than read!
  • Videos contain an approved, consistent and fresh message every time they are watched.
  • Video allows corporate execs time to work harder - so they can still be visible to their colleagues, new recruits and clients - whenever and wherever.
  • Video can provide a privileged insight into a business without the cost and management of a real-time visit.
  • Video production can be more cost effective than you think - with our prices beginning at the £2k mark.